The real estate market in Anzère and the region

L ‘acquisition d’un chalet ou appartement à Anzère représente un investissement immobilier des plus sûrs mais de plus permet d’entrer dans un monde fascinant. 

Choosing Anzère

40 years ago, only mountain dwellers took advantage of the pure air and peacefulness of Anzère and the surrounding region (Mayens d’Arbaz). Today this charming, healthy place that is full of vitality is open to all those who wish to experience its charms, really relax or have a drink with friends on the traffic-free village square. You can also take a walk along some 80km of well-kept trails, stroll about while you do your shopping, enjoy the swimming pool, play tennis, go paragliding or watch events in a friendly atmosphere on the village square. Its location in the heart of Valais provides a multitude of activities to engage in within a 50km radius (golf, museums, concerts, shows, etc.) Ski reigns supreme in Anzère, with its south-facing slopes just across from the Valais Alps: a unique setting! And also its north-facing slopes for powdery snow, a new chairlift, no waiting time! Very comfortable! Not to mention the new Spa & Wellness centre which offers you relaxation and well-being!

The assurances of a professional

Buying or selling a property is an important decision which requires special precautions. For the buyer, it is very important that the conveyancer:

  • knows how to steer the client towards a good choice
  • has extensive legal and tax knowledge
  • is fully familiar with the local market
Choosing a property

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, or have no knowledge of the local market in the resort, you shouldn’t rush into the first offer coming through friends or ghost agents who are not well-established professionals.On the contrary, it’s essential to rely on the advice of serious professionals who are better placed to guide you through the different proposals and will be a reference point for your purchase and for the after-sales service.

R.T. is a member of USPI (Swiss Association of Real Estate Agents), which is indisputably an additional advantage.

The deed of sale

Un projet d’acte de vente est transmis aux parties puis, si tout est parfaitement en ordre, signé par devant notaire. Les frais d’enregistrement et ceux du notaire représentent environ 2.7% du prix de vente.

Bank loans

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A global service

Adagi SA has been operating in Anzère since 1981 and our primary concern is to offer our clients a service that doesn’t stop when the contract has been signed.